Monday, January 21, 2008

CD 2

It is so great to be able to say that!

R and I sat down last night and since I can't do the HSG or SHG tests and I will be out of town at 7dpo for the progesterone test we decided to not chart this cycle. This means I can go on vacation and not worry about ovulation or tests. I will be back in time to do the HSG or SHG next cycle. It feels good to be on the same page again. R and I have some things we need to work out but at least now we are back to being on the same page about things.

I called up Kaiser for their couples communication class and left a message for them to call us back. Hopefully they will call me back in the next few days and get us enrolled soon. It isn't that our marriage is falling apart but we could use some extra skills to help us at this point. I love R and we both are willing to do whatever it takes to make all this work, we just need some skills to help us make this work.

In other fertility news D called me today. She and her partner K had fertility treatments done years ago and now have three healthy children. I had called D last week to see if I could get the name of the Dr they used. She found me the name and number of him but K wanted to talk to me about their experience. She has tomorrow off of work so I will call her then and hear what she has to say. I am thankful they are willing to be open with me about everything and think talking to them will help.

I still have to decide on a clinic to use. Right now I am looking at Kaiser's clinic, SRFC, and the Dr K and D used. Hopefully I will be able to decide on one soon. If I can't make up my mind then R has voted we use Kaiser. I am more inclined to use someone else but we will see.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to pick one out let me know. R and I can't afford to 'shop around' so whom ever we set up our initial consult with we will likely use.

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Diana said...

I chose my RE based on recommendation. DH and I went to the initial consult and both really liked the doctor. We did not shop around either. Good luck!