Monday, January 28, 2008

Seeing the kids

7 days! 7 days! 7 days! In 7 days I leave to see the LOVES of my life (other than R that is)! I am so excited!
The first pick is Brooklyn, whose nickname is Pookie. She was the first person I told about our t-ttc. She may have been only weeks old but she is a great listner. She loves avacado, walking and she LOVES me! Mostly because I spoil her rotten as does R.
Julian is the little prince. His nickname was Ju Ju bean as a baby but now that he is a 'big boy' he doesn't like his nick name anymore. He loves animals, swimming, and playing at the park. He is FULL of energy and loves to rough house with R or his dad. He can be picky at times but he almost always knows what he wants. He and I were very close before he and his family moved; we still talk once a week but it isn't the same. When he lived in CA we took BART rides to the city and did great day trips. I miss him the most becuase we had a real relationship and I can feel that weakening the longer he is away.
Thanks for letting me share with all of you how excited I am about the trip.

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Diana said...

Have a wonderful time!!!