Wednesday, December 24, 2008

He is HERE!

OMG sorry this is so late!

Riley Ethan W. or REW made his way into the world on Dec 7thth. He was born via c-section (yep you read that right), at 8:37 am. I was only 36w2d pg at the time but he was born healthy and didn't need any help breathing.

His stats:
6lbs 13 oz
19.5 inches long

And a picture:

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Going back on the pill

Not BC pill, anti-depression pills. I have thought a LOT about my depression and last year's (see any post in Feb/March) break down. Family and friends really dropped the ball on that one and so did I. I really should have been on drugs then.

When we found out Roo was breech I spent the weekend crying, I wasn't consolable about 30% of the time. I knew that weekend that no matter how Roo comes out, I would need the drugs as soon as he does. Actually I think it might be wise to take them starting now since it can take a while to get dosage right but I really want to make it through the pg drug free.

So for the last few weeks I have been slowly mentally preparing myself that I will be taking them. R and I talked about it a little and sadly he seemed hesitant to agree at first. The next day was a Sunday I spent alone and I cried all day again. He came home, I was a complete emotional mess and it clicked for him. I need to be back on my meds. He is 100% supportive now.

I don't think I would have come to this realization without the help and support of my bestest friend Shannon. Love you girl! She really helped me see the light, she would probably be the only person other than me to argue I should go back on the meds now and she is right. I know she is right but I am not ready to really admit that anywhere but here.

So that is my newest confession, if you know me IRL please don't bring this up, unless I do first. It isn't something I really want to talk about all that much. I will be bringing it up on my own with each of you I am sure.

Still here

Yes yes yes, I am a bad blogger. Oh well spank me later. Here is an update:

Roo is breech! Yes bye bye natural birth unless he decides to turn. I am 35 weeks now and we found out at 32 weeks he was breech. To say I was upset would be an understatement. Then someone who just had a breech baby wrote "If you had told me while going through IF that I would have a baby, but need a c-section and then face breastfeeding issues, I would have been thrilled". That put it all into perspective for me, well that and thinking about how lucky I am that Roo is otherwise healthy.

After doing all kinds of natural turning techniques including, pressure points, swimming, hand stands, hanging from my feet on an inversion table, crawling with my butt in the air, and chiropractic care our next step is a manual outside aversion. The procedure has risks which is why we tried everything else first, but the risk is small and doesn't include fetal death. Okay actually there were two cases of fetal death associated with the procedure, both happened in Zimbabwe, with no fetal monitoring. I am in the USA, under the care of a Dr who does 4-5 of these a week and will have extensive monitoring. The risk in our situation is that Roo wouldn't tolerate the procedure well and thus need to come out ASAP. This is why we haven't shared that he is breech with R's family and also why we are waiting till 36 weeks to attempt it.

The procedure is about 60% effective, with about 2% of those babies then reversing back to breech position. The possibility that Roo doesn't tolerate the procedure is .5%. R and I thought a lot about not doing the aversion, I spoke with people who have had successful ones and unsuccessful ones and through those conversations we decided we would go forward with the procedure.

Of course if Roo turns on his own by Friday then I won't need the procedure but at this point it seems highly unlikely. Feel free to send me good vibes, positive thoughts and turning dust for Friday, and as always we take prayers too.

As for everything else, well it is all just fine. My heartburn was God awful last week, it had been getting worse the last two months. I cried to my Dr to prescribe me something, but he wouldn't and so I am on Z.anta.c over the counter. It has been two days and I feel 100% better! I am so relieved!

I promise to update more regularly. Also for those waiting on Roo's blog invatations, you will need to wait a little longer.