Saturday, January 12, 2008

Back to being UNEXPLAINED

R and I still haven't talked about if this is all moving to fast for him because quite frankly I don't want to talk about it yet. I am 14dpo and while I know a test is accurate. I am refusing to test. AF isn't due yet (I have a long LP remember) and I want to just wait and remain hopeful. I am trying not to be to hopeful and since I am having some cramping today I think AF is on her way. Either way it will all be fine. Here is my 'new' plan.

January: confirm O via blood work at 7dpo and other than that relax.
Feb: go in for the SHG between CD 5 and 10
March cycle do the HSG
April see the RE

This gives us 3 more cycles on our own. Since with R's count and everything we have a fairly good chance of getting pg on our own, I want to do that. Plus this gives us time to get the money issue straightened out. I am not ready to blow 1,000 dollars a cycle for clomid or femera. And yes a cycle will cost us about that.

There is so much about yesterday that wasn't in my last post. Including new info about our Dx. The issue ISN'T R! Yep, you read that right his SA IS normal even with the white blood cells. The Dr said it wasn't that many and that most REs don't think WBC are an issue unless they effect count, which isn't the case for us.

This means we are back to being UNEXPLAINED! I am kinda happy about it because it makes me thing we should try longer on our own. But at the same time I wonder WHY it hasn't happened for us yet. Of course I have only had 7-8 normal cycles, so maybe we just need more time..... I really don't know. Of course we still need to rule out my tubes being blocked!

I feel so mixed about when to seek help because I KNOW that we have only had 7 cycles so far that I Oed. So what about the 9 months before that .?. I don't know. Those months were most likely anovulatory so do I count them as trying? My OB and new RE office does, but do I??? I don't know. R is inclined to NOT count them but since it has been my life on hold those months I am more inclined to count them than to not. Either way I think the new plan is GOOD. It will give us 10 ovulatory cycle of trying on our own before seeking help.


Tina623 said...

I counted from the day I started trying (april '04). I felt that if my body wasn't trying, I still was and it counted. I'm sorry you are still unexplained. There were times when I wished it was dh's count so we could know what we needed to do, but after all the testing, we found our answers. Def see an RE when you are ready. They will help. Take care~

Jamers said...

Back to unexplained?! Ugh... at least you have plan. Plans are good. :o) I know you also have (and give!) lots of support, so that helps too.