Sunday, January 13, 2008

16dpo of 7th Ovulatory cycle

Well I made it through cd 16 without any AF. This isn't good or bad since AF isn't DUE till Monday and really I don't exspect her till Tuesday since my LP seems to be getting longer everymonth. I have no symptoms, but somehow I have hope, just a little though because in my head I know we need an RE. I know that after this long we won't just get lucky and concive without help. Anyway I just wanted to update everyone. I'll let you know when AF shows.

And if you feel the urge to comment about hope please keep it to yourself. Right now HOPE is my worst enamy. Faith I have but I want nothing to do with hope.


JGirl2005 said...

Are you looking into a RE?
Can I add your blog to mine?

Jen said...

Well, I won't use the "h" word. But, I AM keeping the faith for you!