Monday, November 12, 2007


Last night R and I had a great talk. I cried, he held me and we chatted. I feel much better. In even better news. So far no AF! I am trying not to get my hopes up but that is hard. Tomorrow AF is officially due. Just writing that is hard but seeing her tomorrow will be even harder. Although I also know that if she doesn't show tomorrow I will be a mess too. I have never had a cycle longer that 30 days since my cycles became "normal" so I want either AF to show or to be pg. Preferably the last of the two. But we will just have to wait and see.

In honor of T-day coming up here is a list of all the things I am happy for:

1) My wonderful darling husband who has shown me what true love is. With out him I think I would never believe I could love someone this much. People tell me he is whipped but if they only knew the truth they would see I am the one head over heals in love.

2) That my cycles regulated on their own. I am so thankful that they did.

3) My mom is still with me and R is supportive of our weirdly close relationship. For so long I was worried she would just slip away and finally I feel like I can count on her being here day in and day out.

4) My sis and her family. I love them and am so happy that they are happy up in Washington. My niece will be one two days before t-day. Both her and her bro are miracles because of my sis's uterine condition. The fact that they were full term is a testament that God exists.

5) A roof over our heads money in the bank and all the things I take for granted every day. I have a more than most in this life and am soooo lucky.

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