Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cd 30

It is really late on Sunday night and today is CD 30. Yup for those of you who know a regular cycle is 28 days that does kinda mean I am two days late. HOWEVER in this case it means nothing becuase my LP is long. So AF isn't due till tomorow and even if she doesn't come I don't plan on testing till Thursday or Friday. I am going to try to hold out for as long as possable. But we all know I am weak and will test early! I hate it but it is true. So if you are out there and pray. Say one for me tonight. Pray this is my cycle and I get my BFP.

In other t-ttc related news. Our baby freeweekend is over. Praise the lord! I don't think I could stand another day of it. Sadly it didn't help me. I feel more distint from R than I did thurday night. He on the other hand liked it but noticed that I was distant. We won't be doing this again for a while. Also I have decided to keep blogging durring our break. I plan on talking about life and a few t-ttc vents and rants I have been holding in. They should be fun. I also want to learn how to post a pic to show off my chair I re-finished. I am so proud of it! But those topics will wait until AF shows because tonight I need to sleep. Good night all.

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