Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fighting with R

R and I just got into a huge fight. And by huge I mean he left the house! So really big. I think we have only had two other fights like this the entire time we have been together and one of them was the exact same reason. Our fight today started off about him always wanting to take over my house hold projects. The bookcase, the chair, and so many others he steps in at the end and tries to tell me how to finish them. I don't mind his input but I hate how he waits till the end and then expects me to change how I do it.

Of course with me a fight never has one topic so from there I moved on to him and these 'tests' he is doing.... for the last 4 years! Yup he is a master at procrastinating. I hate that he isn't done with these tests. I hate that he has waited so long that now he needs to do 2 of them before the end of December! It kills me that he doesn't think this is important enough to stay on top of. AND I told him so. Even went so far as to say I feel like a "nagging bitch" and "his mom". Both of which are true. I know what I said hurt him and I am sorry for that, but how am I expected to feel secure ($$$$ wise) if he can't even keep up with his education in his field.

What makes fighting with R so hard is that he just stands there and takes it, then runs. He doesn't fight with me, he internalizes it and then once I feel like the fight is done he spills it back out. So when he gets home we will need to fight all over again. This time he gets to do the talking (yelling) and I get to listen. I am not looking forward to it.

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Tina623 said...

I hope the fighting ends soon. Fighting once in a great while is good though. It releases tension ;)