Sunday, November 25, 2007

Day two of Diet, 13cd and I am getting sick

It is day two of my diet and today went well. Glass of milk and yogurt in the am. A salad on a slice of bread for lunch- yes the bread is a carb. I am not perfect you know, a scoop of peanut butter for a snack- I love PB and love this diet for letting me have it, and for dinner chicken, peas and squash. A really good day for me. Awesome even if you consider that I am getting sick and the one thing I ALWAYS want when I get a cold is ice cream.

I don't know why but this winter my immune system must be really weak. I have already had a virus in my tummy which made me sick all night and kept me in bed for a few days. Now I have this 'thing'. So far I have had some post nasal drip in my throat and now it feels as if someone took a baby bottle cleaner and cleaned my throat. It is painful, raw and burning and it sucks. Since starting this post I have had a Popsicle too and even that hasn't helped. Okay maybe it did a little. Either way I hate being sick and being on a diet. I am no good at diet and exercise while sick. I have a feeling this could be a short diet....

R and I are doing fine again. We have gotten in a few fights this week but nothing our marriage can't handle. It is hard to tell if our issues are us or the IF sometimes, but right now I am leaning toward the IF. We are still considering doing therapy next year whether or not we are pg by then. Our marriage and communication style needs it.

I am Oing today or tomorrow and have my 2nd opinion Dr appt tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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