Friday, November 9, 2007

Going baby free

The hubby, R, and I had a long talk the other night about t-ttc. Focusing on him doing a Seman Analysis or rather the fact that he hasn't done this yet. I want to know if something is wrong with the swimmers or if it is just me. I feel like there is no point me doing an HSG if he won't even do a simple SA. He ofcourse is afraid of what they will find. He feels like he is less of a man if he has issues. Which is redicules but it is how he feels. I am mad that he is taking his time but at the same time I undestand. Once we go down this path there really is no turning back. I mean we can turn back but it would be really hard to do. I hate that we aren't on the same page. I hate that AF is due in 4 days and I am totally hormonal.

In other news:

This weekend will be a baby free weekend. R and I have two date nights planned and I have two girls only events as well. It should be a packed weekend and we vowed no baby talk or t-ttc talk at all. It is going to kill me because all I want to talk to him about is more IF testing and the next step. Also we need to talk about this next cycle and if we are truely sitting it out or not.

See if we were to get pg next cycle I would be due at his bro's wedding which is 800 miles away and thus I couldn't go. So I know he will want to sit it out but I also know that it is going to kill me. Durring that time this blog is going to go DEAD. I am aslo going to stop nesting which is going to be incredably hard but for sanity sake I need to do it.

I will update this on Monday or Tuesday when AF shows. Love to all!

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Tina623 said...

Enjoy your weekend!! It sounds great!