Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Appointment

I am happy! Very very happy! I got to see a dr, Dr. G, I trusted today who went over my latest blood work and the old stuff as well as did an ultrasound. She told me "it isn't PCOS, not even a mild form" I didn't believe her at first but after we talked and I thought about it now I do. She didn't strong hand me about it she explained the results and we went over the charts I brought from the fertitlityplus website and showed me why I had been confused. SOOOOOOO much better than my old Dr. She also agreed that clomid should be monitored AND have an HSG BEFORE hand. Ladies, I think I am in love. Here is the problem, she isn't an RE. So she had to give me the name of one and a referral. She told me when they call I can set an appt then, or tell them I want to wait. The ball is now completely in R and my court and it feels goooood.

Her recommendation is not only a college but also a friend of hers and she says they have similar personalities. She also isn't going to make me go to the RE/IF 'class' Kaiser has. I am thrilled about that since K, girl from thenest and a t-ttcer, said that is was awful and boring and that she hated it. I still might go but at least now I know I don't have to fit it into my long list of things to do by the end of December. My dr said I seemed to know my shit and I have to thank all of YOU for that. So if you are reading this and frequent the t-ttc board on thenest. THANK YOU.

Dr G also said that my months without cycles don't count since there is no way to know if I actually ovulated so her recommendation is that I wait a few more months, as long as the SA comes back normal, before seeing the RE. I feel okay about that idea because I still want to wait till January to see the RE but I don't want to wait much longer than that.

Now I just have to get R to do the SA! Wish me luck!

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