Friday, November 30, 2007

Follow up

I need to follow up on my Jon and Kate plus 8 post. I had mentioned that over the summer a set of sextuplets had been born and none had made it. I was wrong. One did make it and while currently he looks healthy the long term effects of being a preemie have yet to be determined. There is a high likely hood this child will not have normal development. While that would prove my point that IF should be covered so people don't take risks like this. I am NOT a cold heartless B!tch so please pray that he is okay and a lucky little boy and does not have any mental delays.

Next follow up still has to do with the Jon and Kate post. If you are reading this and going through IF I URGE you to talk with your husband about selective reduction. No one wants to talk about it but we all need to. I hope none of us ever has to make that choice but the reality is that some IF patients do have to make that choice and it is good to have a little info and an idea of where each of you stand on the idea BEFORE it is a life growing inside you. I am now steeping down from the soapbox.


Adam and Christa said...
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Tina623 said...

my dh and I had this conversation before we started and if we had more than two we were going to really consider it. Thank you for you kind words on my blog!

Hekateris said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly!

Also, um, bloodwork is not the final word as to whether or not you have PCOS. Your bloods can be perfectly normal - mine are - yet you might still have the string-o'-pearl ovaries, and the only way to find that out is to have an internal ultrasound. From what I recall of both my HSGs, neither showed the ovaries particularly well, so you might beed a seperate wanding.

Good luck!


Ariella said...

Hekateris: No string of pearls! My Dr is fairly certian I don't have PCOS and since she has 'many' PCOS patients, I trust her. The first Dr who told me it might be "mild" PCOS based in completly on my bloodwork. Thank you for your concern and your comment.