Sunday, November 4, 2007

If AF is 2 weeks late...

Our dinner party last night went off smoothly and while I know one of my friends didn't have as good of time as the rest of us I could honestly care less. We all tried including her and she didn't want to have fun, so she didn't. But the good news is that no one asked us about babies!!!! Now if only Thanksgiving will go as smoothly! Fingers crossed DH's family got the hint last week and BACKS off!

I am now on cd21! Only 10 days till AF shows! hahahaha

I have deiced that this cycle AF will show. Sure we had great timing and the sex was great. Yes I drank and relaxed but if charting didn't work then why the hell would this. Of course I would be thrilled to be wrong, but I have decide to keep drinking and eating smelly cheese until I am late. It won't hurt the baby even if I am pg because I won't be sharing nutrients until AF is weeks late. And if AF is 2 weeks late you can bet I am testing!

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