Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Last Week

Something happened last week that I didn't blog about due to lack of time. I was G. G has two mommies and is a child I used to nanny. Her bio-mom gave birth at age 42 and until last week I had always thought they had done the IUI route. But now I know that they did IVF! I know all this because I 'came out'. D (G's bio-mom) is the first IRL (inreallife) non family or BFF person I have told about our T-ttc. She was wonderful and it made me feel beter to know that if I need her for a recomindation or referal IF related I won't have to exsplain the whole thing then.

Comming out felt like steping out of the dark. I understand why some people tell anyone about their IF. It is very liberating. So liberating that I am ready to tell people if they ask, but R isn't and I respect that. So for now we are still 'closeted' about our IF.

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