Thursday, November 29, 2007

Getting love from my Nesties

I have been really jealous lately on my local board of all the BFPs and since I have 'friends' on that board I have refused to leave. I also refuse to let IF determine what I do. Today I was feeling really down because we have had a BUNCH of BFPs from people on their 1st or 2nd cycle as well as people who have just thrown caution to the wind. I wouldn't wish IF on anyone but would it be so hard for people not to say "My DH has supper swimmers" when they get pg on the first try.

Anyway this all leads up to a post about "whose next" on the local baby board, all the mama's start saying all these people who have 1 or 2yr olds. And no one wanted it to be them. So I threw my hat in the ring and posted "Asking for baby dust" here is what happened:

I knew there was a reason I love my local girls!


Leah said...

Sometimes the girls can be so helpful and just plain ol' supportive. :-)

Hopefully FedEx will have a speedy delivery :-)

Christa said...

awww, it's nice to know that we have the support of those boards:)