Saturday, December 15, 2007

We have a Dx!!!

AF showed yesterday and while I am very bummed about the fact that I am once again Not Pregnant, in a way I was very happy to see that AF had in fact come by herself and only a day late rather than the week or more that I had convinced myself she could be.

See, since I found out I really don't have PCOS and that my first few "normal" cycles that were anovulatory were just me coming off BCP and that now I really O on my own. I have been wondering when the other shoe will drop. I keep thinking what else is wrong with me or is going to need to be fixed in order to have us get pg. I already didn't cycle for 9 months, then found out I had a lining issue that the OB was able to resolve quickly. Once I was getting AF on my own and regularly I was anovulatory and possibly mild PCOS. Then I Oed but maybe it was weak. Nope my O looks good and two other Drs opinions say I don't have mild PCOS. So what the hell is the issue with me!?!

Three months ago when I met C, adoptive mother to J, she said "40% of the time it is him" and my response was "I really hope it isn't". Because as strong as R is, for him a MFI would be a crushing ego blow. I mean it would devastate him. And I really wasn't sure I could handle losing the man that has become my rock. I didn't even know how I would be able to emotionally support him if in fact our issue was his semen. Because while I know I could handle it being me. I thought the world would crush him if it was him.

Well today his SA came back and most of it is normal.
Count= normal
Motility= normal
Morphology= normal

But he does have red and white blood cells in his SA. This is a sign of infection. Of all issues MFI this is the one thing I know R can handle because it is easily treatable. So now we have a Dx and while it is the one I had prayed for so long it wouldn't be. It is actually a best case scenario. DH and I will most likely get pg on our own with just the help of antibiotics! And I have a feeling even stupid Kaiser who doesn't cover ANYTHING IF related will cover antibiotics!

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