Tuesday, December 11, 2007

People who KNOW

For weeks R and I have been discussing "coming out" to family and friends, and slowly I have been. My BFF, S, and her sis both know and have known forever. As has my mom and my sis (along with her hubbs and children). Then I told D, mom to twins and a singleton, who did IVF and while she hated being pg, she loves being a mom. She offered me the name of her clinic when/if it came down to IVF. Last week I told my maid of honor from the wedding, L, she handled it well. No "relax" and for that I was so thankful for.

And now my mom has told Grandma W, her mom. At first when she told me she had mentioned it to Grandma I was a little upset. After all this woman had 6 kids and needed NO Help getting pg. She always told me Grandpa just looked at her. So I was very nervous when mom said she told her. But from my understanding Grandma handled it well. Even offered to head 'over the boarder' for the expensive injectable drugs. I of course laughed at this. I can just imagine my 80 yr old grandma going into a Mexican drug store and asking for one of the many drugs made from pee! I mean she is spunky and very cool for 80 but can you imagine someone doing that??? Well she said she would! And I am very thankful for that. I have no idea if Grandma W mentioned "relaxing" "vacation" or tilting my hips and I told mom I didn't want to know if she had. I just want to be thankful for her willingness to help. For her grasping the idea of us needing drugs and then finding a way to help us.

Now that most of my family know R has to decide if/when to tell his family. I told him the other night that I refuse to go to anymore family events where Ruth and Al are. They are his father's best friends, and each time we see them they push the subject of kids. I have tried witty comments, tried telling them to please back off, tried telling them that when it happens we will let them know. But they insist of not just asking about it every time we see them but also bereading (sp?) us about it. I am personally sick of it and so is R. Thus we will not be doing the Crab Feed in January that his dad throws. R is fine with this, in a way I think he is relieved. Relived that I won't be leaving there in tears.

Of course if we get our BFP this week then maybe we will go. Yes that is right it is testing week. R has suspicion that I should be testing right about now and keeps dancing around the subject. I wonder how many other t-ttc girls do this, try and confuse thier DH that testing time isn't till later so that maybe they can suprise them with a BFP? I think he thinks I already tested and am just saving him the pain of saying it was negative. But I haven't tested yet! I am 15dpo and haven't yet tested. AF isn't due yet so I don't feel the need. So I'll test on Saturday because then she will be actually late. Wish me luck!?!

GL to all those in the 2ww!

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Diana said...

Good luck to you!!!! I hope you do get your BFP so you can go to the crab fest in peace!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sorry you are in the trenches and I hope you get out soon!