Wednesday, December 12, 2007

IVF blogs

Good news! Both K and A have made it to ET! Both have 2 embies inside them right now and hopefuly they are making nice homes for themselves.

I checked thenest for K's update today every hour and since I spent the afternoon with my Mom she knew what I was doing. When K finally posted I read it and then so did my mom. Then She read A's blog, all of it and then the rest of K's too. She read it and asked for some clarifacation but for the most part she just took it all in. I am sharing this because now I know that if I have to do IVF ever my mom will have a sense of what that means. At least a little sense of it. Thank you K and A for being honest about what IVF is like in your blog. Thank you for sharing!

In other news:

I woke up last night with cramping, it quite possibly was brought on by my intense orgasm but it freaked me out. A few hours latter I thought I had begun AF but nope so far she isn't here yet. Tomorow she is officially due, and I am dreading it. R really wants me to test but I am so scared. SOOOOOO scared. I just don't think I can handle a -. I want to wait till at least Friday.

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Sonja Wilson said...

I think I had similar apprehensions with the IVF process. Consulting my mom, family friends and even utter strangers lead me nowhere. I still wondered whether I was asking the right questions!!! It was a telephonic conversation with Dr. Malpani that allayed my fears completely. He asked me to browse his site : and then consider making the trip to India. I think that browsing of his site in the relaxed atmosphere at home calmed my nerves and I was more than willing to proceed with the IVF process.