Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rapid vs Sluggish motility???????

So I had thought that other than the white and red blood cells everything was OK with DH, well that is mostly true. From my understanding Motility is broken down into parts rapid forward progression, sluggish (slow) forward progression and two other parts that aren't good motility and don't matter for this post. DH's total motility is 80% which is GREAT and when I say this I was thrilled. I thought great no worries, we take care of the infection and bam we will get pg. HOWEVER most of that is rapid forward about 70% of it. Which I think is great since it should be above 25% BUT his sluggish progression which the paper says should be above 50% is only 10%. UH OH!

I have googled for hours and posted 3 diffrent posts on thenest about this. I still have no answers. All the things google gives me are about how great rapid progression is. And that it is the two combined that matters, but the little voice in my head won't shut up. "this is wrong" it says.

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Anonymous said...

You worry too much. My wife is 35 years old and we haven't had a child yet. I'm glad my wife isn't like you. You're only 25 years old, have one child, and you act like the end of the world is near. My numbers are slightly better than your DH's. Sluggish motility is NOT something you want high. Is his morphology and count normal? With your DH's 70% fast motility, you're the one who most likely needs to see a doctor. Let your DH does what he does best or you'll make everyone nervous, including your shrink.