Sunday, December 23, 2007


I want to share some pics of our family. The first is our little Gemma, her full name is Miss Gemma Mia, and she is part mancoon. She is HUGE and she growls when she doesn't like things. The first 9 months we had her she growled at everthing. In the pic she is hiding under our covers. Gemma is deffinatly R's little girl.

2nd pic is Isabella. She is my little princes and such a mommy girl. Her purr sounds like a stem train with a hicup. She and Gemma are our 'twins' since they look so alike. Issabella was found at Walmart and had the tip of her tail cut off by machinery there. However it healed well and now enven the Vet can bearly tell it ever happened.

The third pic is of Gemma again and in this one you can actually tell her and Isabella apart..... okay if you are me, R or my mom you can tell them apart.

Fourth pic is R and I at the wedding. I really didn't want to pose like this but now I love it! We even have a big one on our wall.

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