Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cycle update

I decided to go ahead and temp this cycle. I hate it but since opks just don't come up positive, even though I do O on my own, I kinda have to if I want to confirm I O. Plus my OB told me she doesn't like having to confirm O every month via blood work. My responce "well if you hadn't told me how 'unreliable' charting was I wouldn't ask for it every month!" So I am charting becuase I know it is proving to be accurate, at least for me. If I don't see a O then I will call for a P4 test.

I am on CD 10 now. DH and I are preparing for X-mas and I just might O on X-mas with the way this cycle is looking. A baby concived on X-mas is getting my hopes up too high. I have already figured out that the baby would be due about September 20th and I didn't even have to go to a pg calculator! Also I could still go to BIL's wedding if pg this cycle which makes R very happy. It would be wonderful to get pg now, but alas I know better than to go down that path.

Sadly that is really about it from the IF front. I still haven't heard back from the RE and am looking into other clinics as well. If you live in the Bay Area of CA and know of a great RE let me know.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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ggop said...

I live in the bay area too. You can look at the SART website for statistics on various clinics in the region.

I think UCSF, Stanford are pretty good. But I don't know about insurance. (I have zero IF treatment coverage, diagnostic procedures like HSG etc are covered)