Saturday, March 14, 2009


The economy sucks right now, we all know that. After two cycles of lay offs R's work decided to do manitory 5 days vacation time in lue of even more layoff. My reaction WOOO HOOOOO! When ever R takes vacation work always calls him but this weekend his cell phone is OFF and will be off till Thursday morning when he goes back in.

Given that his paternity leave got cut short by two weeks and that he worked from home 15 hours the week after I gave birth, this vacation is a much needed one. Our plans are mostly to relax and just hang out. Today though we cleaned the house, and I mean CLEANED. We still have a lot to do but the house is starting to look like less of a disaster zone.

Here are our plans for the rest of his time off: Tomorrow, R is hanging out with the guy and I am going into the city with friends, then we are having a date night will Shan and Holly watch Riley. It will be his first adventure with "baby sitters" that aren't family. Holly and Shan are over qualified for the job. They both work in Child Care centers, have been infant toddler lead teachers and Shan has her degree in Child Development and Holly is working on hers. Hell they are more qualified than ME to watch him!

Monday we are headed up to wine country for some tasting, yummy! And some really great fudge at my favorite fudge shop. We will have a picnic lunch and then indulge in something fancy for dinner after a day of shopping and exploring the area.

Tuesday we hare having brunch with family who has never met Riley and Poppop. Then going to meet a blogger friend and her twin boys for the first time. I am really looking forward to seeing her and the boys since they are just a week or two older than Riley.

His last day of vacation, Wednesday is still free and I think we may spend the day at home just being a family of three and enjoying it. I might try to get R to do some family pictures but I have a feeling he won't go for it.

I have been waiting for this week since it was planned two months ago. Bring on the FUN!

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Echloe said...

That is great. I hope you are enjoying your time together.

Also that is so great that R's company is doing something to prevent more layoffs. I wish more companies would consider doing something like that.