Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dear Riley,

Dear Riley,

Today you are three months old, and what a joyful time the last three months have been. You have grown so much in that time and so have I. In your eyes I have found the strength to get up in the middle of the night despite being dog tiered. Found reasons to smile when I wanted to cry and learned that happiness can be always found in your smile.

Your favorite things to do these last three months are to sleep, in my arms or Daddy's even grandma's will do when you don't feel well. You love baby yoga which I am thankful for because it helps you poop and get the gas out. You also love music time although the class seems to put you to sleep you love to be sang to in the mornings, especially "it's bitsy spider" or anything with hand movements. You also love to be told stories something Daddy is very good at, with mommy your prefer books with pictures. Our favorite ones are Silly Sally, Moo BAA La La La and Mommy Loves. You also love bath time, and I am so excited that when it gets warmer we can all go swimming.

Your favorite time of day is when Daddy gets home, when you see him you often giggle and always smile at him, and he always returns the favor telling you how much he missed us during his day at work.

We have also had our ups and downs, with Daddy only getting a week off after your birth rather than three, and breastfeeding having lots of downs that neither of us expected. But we get through each day thankful for each other, Daddy and I happy to have you here with us. Thankful for your smiles.

Your personality has grown so much and while you are stubborn like me you have a happy demeanor, most of the time. But beware if you don't get what you want you let it be known, most of the time though I have at least three minutes before breakdown occurs. People stop me on the street to tell me how lucky I am to have such a good baby, and it is true: you and I are great travelers together.

I don't always get all the signs right. I commonly mistake your tired cry for a feeding cry and have been known to overstimulate you some times. I always pay for it when it happens but a tight swaddle and bouncing motion with shushing and giving you a paci does the trick to get you to either calm down or sleep.

You have taught your daddy and I so much:
that we are a strong team
that there is a reason sleep deprivation is an effective tourcher technique
that we could love someone more than we love each other
that our relationship could get stronger each day

Mommy's favorite time of day is in the evening when we do bath and our bedtime routine.

Your bed time routine looks something like this:
play with daddy,
dressed for bed and meds
books (as long as you aren't screaming for the boobie)
then swaddled and boobie feeding

I will leave you with our favorite song to sing. I call it the "I love Riley" song, and in it I list every little thing I love about you.
I love you Riley.
I love your double chin,
I love your chubby checks,
I love your strong arms.
I love you Riley.

I love your pouting lips,
I love your blue eyes,
I love your currlie ear,
I love you Riley.

I love your knobie knees,
I love your tiny toes,
I love your redish hair,
I love you Riley!

Your Mommy,


ggop said...

Cute post! Love your creativity with songs like that for Riley.

Lisa said...

Just beautiful!!