Friday, March 20, 2009


No I am not pg again! But while pg with Riley I did dream a lot of twins as you may recal. My twins were always girls in my dreams and post pg they have continued.

As a teen and young adult I was a nanny for many sets of twins so caring for them isn't anything new to me. Many mom's have commented to me that I would do well with twins of my own, and I must admit to being a little disappointed when Riley was a singleton but I also knew R only wants one at a time.

When we spent time with Amber and her boys early this week, R took care of Riley and I helped her with her boys. They are great boys by the way and she is an amazing twin mom. I often have said that God picks out twin mom's by hand because not everyone can be on, I still believe this (although I am questioning his judgment of Octomom), Amber is good proof of this theory as well.

After spending time with her though it has me questioning if twins should be in our future. Of course if we were blessed with them I would be thrilled but I think I may not daydreaming about them any time soon. The ligistics of taking care of two just hit me really hard. Two babies to breastfeed when feeding just one has been very hard. How do you hold and calm two babies? Keeping pacies in their mouths when they are screaming. Not to mention double the laundry, and diapers that I do now. Yes twin mommies are living angels, and I don't think I am cut out for that job.

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