Friday, March 20, 2009

STTN Again! And our SIp and See @ R's work

Not last night but Wednesday night he slept 9.5 hours. Yes you read that right NINE and a HALF hours. I must have woke up 5 times thinking "OMG is he awake and I just didn't hear him?" only to find out Nope! He is still sleeping. R and I took the time to have some adult time.... lots of adult time. We both feel better and I think it is safe to say my sex drive is back in a BIG way.

Of course then yesterday was awful. They are doing foundation work on our building and it was very noisy, meaning Riley doesn't nap well. We had a "sip and see" at R's work that afternoon and he napped on the way there, then again before dinner then on the way home that night. We got home at 8pm and he woke up as soon as the car stopped. We tried to get him back down after nursing but to no avail and it was 11pm before he was asleep again. Needless to say that was HARD.

The sip and see was really nice. His co-workers gave us some very nice things and they ooohhhed and awed over Riley the whole time. Riley was a very good boy for everyone but they overstimulated him and I paied for it, with sleep. I am sure tonight will go better, we are already doing better about naps today.

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