Friday, March 20, 2009

My wish list

R asked me the other day what was left on my wish list big and small for being a mom, and as the devilish grin spread across my face he then added "WITH IN REASON". With him in mind I am creating this list of thing I would love to have for Riley.

First on the list:
A House! This would fall under not reasonable at the moment, although (shhh don't tell) it might actually happen this year! Here is a house I really love in our area:

The only other big item on my list is a new stroller. I still love the bugaboo but both of us aren't willing to spend 900 on a stroller, thus the Bumbleride Flyer will be my new wheels when it is time to upgrade.

And then there are the books I want. I love Todd Parr books we have the It's Okay book but I really want the Family book and Daddy Book, both break gender stereo types and the family book includes same sex couples. I also want And Tango makes Three. It is a cute little book about two male penguins who "adopt" a baby penguin and it is based off a true story. I am also on the look out for more books focused on Daddies like Papa Please Bring Me the Moon, and Daddy Hugs.

Also to make our days go a little faster I would love the Baby Yoga videos, not for Riley to watch but for us to follow along with when we do baby yoga.

Lastly some Raffi music would be great. I grew up on the stuff and look forward to singing songs like Baby Beluga with him when he gets older.

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Andrea said...

I love reading your blog and wanted to let you know that I am a children's librarian so if you need help with book ideas, music, stuff like that, I can help. I also do storytime for babies at my library so I can send you some rhymes with suggested movements for your baby. Feel free to email if you want, andrea at theappels dot com.