Monday, March 9, 2009

Exstended Breastfeeding

This weekend's topic of conversation seemed to be my boobs. Part of that is because last week I had some supply issues causing us to even question if I could continue to breastfeed. Thankfully due to a hospital grade pump and beer plus a three day ban on anything other than my nipples in Riley's mouth my supply is back up and we are able to continue breastfeeding.

But it was also the topic of conversation because R and I are talking about exstened breastfeeding. We always knew I would breastfeed exclusively (if able) to 6 months then till a year maybe even 18 months and as hard as breastfeeding has been, I love it. The bond is amazing, Riley smiles every time he wakes up as if to say "Hello food!" I can't go around the house topless because Riley immediately begins to cry in the hopes of being feed. He loves it and so do I.

To be clear I would never force him to continue to breastfeed beyond a year, but given our vaccination schedule R and I think exstended breastfeeding could be really good for our family.

But there are also many reasons it might not be such a great idea. There is a huge social stigma around breastfeeding beyond 18 months. In fact in just telling two of my best friends that we were considering breastfeeding till age two, one of them freaked a little on me. (Don't judge or bad mouth her though she does read this blog!) R's family is one more reason. His dad thus far has flat out refused to be in the room with me while I breastfeed, even when I use a cover. And then there is the issue that neither R nor I know anyone who has done this before and we are not the trend setting kind of people. We like to know about the bumps in the road and how to handle them.

We have time to decide if this is really something we want to do but if it is something we are going to do then I would like to stop calling it boobie feeding with Riley and start deciding on a different name. This way when he is two and wants the breast in the middle of the store I am not mortified and passed judgment apon when he screams "boobie" with tears coming down his face.

Any of you readers breastfeed beyond 18 months? If so email me at


Anonymous said...

Have you checked out the Le Leche League? They would probably be a great resource!

Rachel said...

I really hope you decide to go for it if -you- want to and don't worry about your in-laws or disapproving looks. You know that breastfeeding is healthy and enjoyable for both of you, and I really hope you don't feel pressured into giving it up. I obviously have no personal experience since my baby is the same age as yours and I unfortunately doubt I'll be able to do make it past 18 months due to my work schedule (my LC keeps telling me it gets harder and harder to keep up your supply by pumping the longer you go). However, most of my friends here are trying to go to at least 2 years (yes, liberal NYC) and my mother breastfed us until we weaned ourselves (around a year) and since I've been breastfeeding I've even had several friends mention that they -remember- being weaned (one at age 4) and these friends are all normal, healthy adults and all have positive memories of breastfeeding. Just wanted to offer my words of encouragement for doing what feels right to you.

ggop said...

I wish you can do it! I would if I had the supply. Unfortunately I have to supplement a bit..

Sasha & Mark said...

World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding through age 2 and beyond as desired.

I go to LLL occaisionally and they have a BF toddlers group, and I was really surprised, but more out of ignorance.

I have no idea what I'll do. Being a working mom will probably limit how long I nurse, but I would like to make it to a year (6 months exclusively) at least and then see how my baby is responding.