Friday, March 13, 2009

Our Girls

Before Riley was born we worried and talked a lot about our two cats and the impact of this lifestyle change on them. Gemma has a tendency to pee on the carpet when pissed at us, which happens any time we are gone overnight, forget to do the cat litter for a few days, and an array of other things that bug her. Bella has never been fond of children, she runs and hides from them. This worried us because she is my baby and a very needy baby at that. While we have had our ups and downs with them for the most part things are going well.

One night Bella did try to sleep on Riley's feet/legs which gave me a mild heart attack and caused some sleepless nights for a while as well as her being banished from our room. But I learned to trust her again and she quickly learned the bassinet was not for her.

Gemma on the other hand is his watch dog. When we first got him home any time he cried she ran to see what the issue was. Then she would stare at me as if to ask "why the hell aren't you fixing it mom?" She still does this but has learned that R and I are quite on top of it most of the time. The other night Riley was screaming because bath time was over and he was getting changed and his meds. R was taking care of it and I was doing something else. She came up to be and head butted my legs. I think she wanted me to go help him. She is defiantly going to be his protector as he gets bigger.

Anytime Riley is getting fed Bella tries to climb onto the boppy with him to snuggle with us. It is cute but also rather annoying at his 4 am feeding.

Both girls love everything baby related, the boppy is both of their favorites, with the bouncy seat a close second. We have had to put tin foil in the crib and on the changing table when not in use to keep them off of both. They also like to sleep on the glidder but at this point I could care less. He doesn't sit in it only I do and it seems petty to try and keep them out of it.

We won't be getting rid of our girls any time soon. They are truely a part of the family and we have struck a nice balance with them now.

Bella wanted her photo taken too!

Gemma getting some tummy time on the play mat:

Gemma napping with Riley:

My three babies laying together:

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shiner said...

So glad that everyone is getting along. We have a ton of animals so I am really worried about how it will all work out.

Thank you so much for what you wrote on my last post. It is very important to me to do this correctly (for her not me). That gives me hope!