Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Day with Baby

I get asked all the time: "what do you do all day?". I am sure they imagine me sitting on the couch eating bon-bons while watching soaps or something, but truth be told being a stay at home mom is keeping me quite busy. Here is an "average" day for us.

7:30 Riley wakes up, I get him changed and then get him feed
8:00 Mommies turn to get dressed and then eat. Riley lays in his boppy and does tummy time while I get dressed and then into his bouncer in the kitchen while I eat.
8:25 Get online to check mail, update blog, or visit the nest. Talk to Riley about what ever I am doing. He smiles and love to hear about other babies, loves pictures of his "friends" even more.
8:45 BABY YOGA! Riley loves this and it really helps his digestion.
9:00 Another change this one is poopy thank you baby yoga, feed and the swaddle so Riley can take a nap.
10 awake, diaper change, outfit change
10:20 Feeding again, then when burping Riley spits up meal and now we both need new outfits.
10:40 Get ready to take a walk to store: make list, pack bag, get stroller and put my shoes on.
11 Finally leave house! Walk to store (about 4-5 blocks) go shopping, talk to Riley about prices and what we will be having for dinner.
11:30 Leave store and Riley falls asleep on the first block home. Ya!
11:45 Get home, bring Riley upstairs to nap in room, and then unpack bags.
11:55 Riley is still asleep now I get some "me time" also known as taking a nap, blogging, talking on phone, a little TV or what ever else will keep me sane and happy.
12:45 Time to get some things done around the house: feed cats, laundry, put away some toys, then eat.
1p Riley woke up! Can you guess what we do next?.... yup! Change diaper and feed him, plus reflux meds.
1:20 Riley in swing while I; unload dishwasher from am, wipe up kitchen, take out trash, clean cat litter and refill boxes
2 Riley has floor time on my lap while I fold laundry, and then has more floor time while I put it away, including some more tummy time.
2:30 Snuggle time, we sing songs and he sits on my lap, we just enjoy 'playing' together without any toys.
2:45 diaper change, feed, swaddle
3 asleep for another nap (we hope, this one sometimes doesn't happen)I clean a little more and then turn on the TV
345 wake up :( but grandma comes over with cousins :)
400 They leave we play peak a boo and patty cake as well as other games then put away more laundry.
4:45 Rubbing eyes so we change diaper and try to go to sleep.... no luck and he fusses in my arms till...
5:25 Daddy walks in the house, I hand of Riley for a much needed 5 minute break
5:30 Try feeding to sleep again. Success! He is asleep.
6: Success is short lived Riley is up again. :( Daddy takes Riley for a while. He cares for him while we chat
6:45 More fussing, feed for just two minutes and he is asleep! But will he stay down?...... yes! We relax and have dinner.
7:25 He wakes up. This time daddy gets to do the diaper change and play with him for a while!
7:40 Break out the boobie it is feeding time again. Then back to Daddy for awhile.
8:30 Feed and then bath
9:10 Bed time! Feed to sleep and put down in clean diaper and with sleeper on and swaddled.

So next time you feel the need to ask me or any stay-at-home mom what they do all day please don't we are to busy to replay our very busy days for you.


Sasha & Mark said...

Amen sistah! DH has asked a few times when I'm going to look for another job-- when do I have the time?!

~Jess said...

Yea, I don't get that when people ask a SAHP what they do all day...oh yea, the kid takes care of themself and brings me whatever I want...right..