Friday, March 20, 2009

Vacation Recap

R being off was wonderful! We had such a good time and he got to spend lots of time learning what Riley is like during the day. It was very nice spending this time as a family. R also used this time to give me a break and I slept in almost every morning.

Sunday my day with the girls went very well. I had a blast having lunch with some great friends and babies. Then that night Shan and Holly watched Riley for me and R. We just did dinner out and Riley did great, took a bottle for them like a champ. And of course they were great with him too. He only fussed when he was hungry and needed to be changed because of a poop.

Monday we headed up to wine country, and had a great time. At lunch we had awful service, and I mean down right BAD service at a place we have ate at many times before. We won't be going back there. Despite that we had a great trip and Riley did just fine with all the driving. It makes me feel better having done this because this summer we might be heading to LA which is a long drive for a little guy like him. My favorite part of the day was the olive oil tasting and buying Riley some new books at a book store.

Tuesday we had brunch with some of R's exstended family. Pop's brother, sister in law and mother meet Riley for the first time. It was nice to see them. Riley was a doll the whole meal which was nice. It was particularly nice because Pop isn'r great about showing emotion and Cory (his SIL) spilled the beans that he just lights up when he talks about Riley. It was nice to hear that, because we knew he loves Riley but sometimes it is nice to have proof. Then we met a good friend Amber and her boys for the first time. Amber and I had been chating on line and reading each other's blogs for a while. We also both had our boys in December at 36 weeks so we have a lot in common. I look forward to us hanging out more in the future because Riley is going to need some friends his age and I can always use more friends too!

Wednesday R and I spent the day hanging out with Riley. He slept through lunch which gave us a 2nd date for the week. We talked politics and education, two hot topics we highly disagree on, and had some great heated banter. Then we walked around town until all three of us needed a nap. It was a great day, and the perfect end to a wonderful five days off for R.

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