Friday, March 7, 2008

lots of money and treatment talk

I am feeling much better today. R and I have had a few talks and he is feeling really hesitant about doing IUIs he says since I have only had 7 cycles since starting to try over a year ago. He thinks we should give it a full year, this would put us in July before we do treatment. That is too long for me. We talked some more and more and more about it. We both think May is a good compromise for our first IUI. In the mean time we will be doing the "Meet and Greet" on Monday, yes THIS Monday! I have three more pages of paperwork to fill out and then am done. We also will go ahead and decide on which office of the clinic to use next week and then which DR will be our primary. Then set up a consult visit for the end of this month. The clinic books about about 3 weeks in advance so we may not get in for it until April but I am okay with that.

My mom is also paying for the consult for us. So sweet of her and I love that she offered this. She also offered to 'loan' us the money for almost two IUIs. R doesn't want to take it but I told him we should think about it more. It would be a zero percent loan and it means we could do three or four treatment cycles in a row, without worrying about dipping to much into our savings. Her only thing is that we would need to pay the money back in two years. She also told me that if it comes to IVF she wants to be involved in the decision about financing it. I told her that I would be happy to include her in some of that but that this is R and my decision. She said she just wanted to help finance it. I told her that was fine and I was thankful she wants to help. She really does try, I know some times she comes off harsh but she said the other day "I really am ready for you to have a baby". It almost made me cry, since she wasn't so happy about us trying at first.

In other IF news my friend 'M' who is a local friend and who also has IF is pg from her most recent cycle of clomid! Congrats M!!! I am so thrilled for you.

I also got an update from Corrie, who I have spoken about before, the judge ruled that there was an issue about the bio-dad and contact and he wasn't properly contacted and thus bio-dad COULD fight for custody. And then three days latter new evidence appeared and on Monday the judge pulled his ruling and agreed to hear the new evidence! So they are back at court. Their son Jordan is now 8 months old and I keep wondering when this hell will end for them. If you pray, PLEASE pray for Corrie.

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