Monday, March 31, 2008

The Cost of IF?

In the past I found lists like this very helpful about the COST of IF. So I thought I would begin to share what things cost at my clinic:

Female preconseption blood work: 125.00 (under 40yrs old only)
Male preconception blood work: 55.00
Cystic Fibrosis Carrier test: 135.00 per person
HSG: 500 (at cheapest place in town but a GREAT clinic!)
Saline SOnogram: 605
Seman Analysis: 240

Consultaion: 275
Reconsulation: up to 170

An IUI Cylce

Clomid: 5 dollars atWalmart for 5 50mg tablets (if doing 100mg it is 10 dollars a cycle)
Femara: 10-15 dollars a pill depending on where you go. Price a cycle = 100-150

Basic Clomid/Femara IUI cycle: 905
includes one ultrasound, HCG medication and nurse adminastration, Sperm wash, a single IUI and first HCG pregnancy test

2nd IUI in a cyle: 235(wash)+215(IUI)

Extra ultrasounds: 285

What we have spent so far: 1,777 plus Because when you think of all the OB visits and K.aiser blood work this doesn't include!

I will be updating this as I get more info about what other things cost.


Rachel said...

I know that you are on a very tight budget, but I just wanted to throw out a little 'assvice' about the pricing. I've been having some of my ultrasounds done at the hospital (where they are covered by insurance because they are part of my general 'women's health' plan). I'd be a bit nervous about doing a femara cycle with only 1 u/s. My response has ranged from 0 follicles to 30 on the same dose of femara, and I've had friends who produced even more. Might be worth looking into to see if your insurance will cover more u/s if they are coded as something else.

Amy (MyColonyNJ) said...

We are one of the lucky ones and we have coverage for IF. But, with a $50 co-pay we have already spent about $600. Plus another $500 for the D&C that was not covered.

So, even with insurance, it costs a lot.

I am grateful that we do have coverage. Everytime I go there they attach my receipt to the "bill" which lists everything and how much it costs.

Again, thank God for some coverage

Good luck to you this cycle