Sunday, March 16, 2008

I am sick. :(

While I hate the sore throat, the GI issues, the whine me being sick turns me into, and he ear and sinus pressure. what bothers me the most is when sick the ONLY things I want aren't on my diet. So rather than fighting it, R and I decided we would cheat from yesterday's dinner till midnight Sunday night. On the top of my list were Girl Scout cookies and cheese ravioli's. My weight will most likely paluate this week but at least being sick has been tolerable.

In IF news R is upset that we need an RE. I think our "issues" have finally gotten to him. He is more withdrawn recently and doesn't wan to talk about it. To say our marriage is suffering is an understatement but he did agree to do some couple communication classes and couples therapy after the class. Those of you who "know" us IRL please respect R's wishes and don't bring this up with him or others. I don't mind talking about it but he has some negative views on therapy. He is fine when others need it but to admit that he/we do is a different story. I admit that is a double standard that is just the way it is.

Also I called my PCP and asked to have my thyroid tested. My mom, sis, all bio-aunts and grandma ALL have thyroid issues starting at my age or younger so I figured we should test it since it can cause IF problems. If Kaiser will pay for it then GREAT!

I am nearing the end of another cycle. AF should arrive next weekend and I am testing on Thursday, which is 15dpo on CD 31.


Who Needs Patience? said...

I am sorry you are sick! Try to rest and take good care of yourself. I know what you mean, IF can put such a huge strain on a marriage. Somedays are so hard! Hang in there! (((HUGS)))

Amandalyn717 said...

I'm so sorry your sick!!! Never fun. I hope you feel better REALLY soon!