Sunday, March 9, 2008

Diet Update

On Thursday I went to a regular Dr appt to get my hip checked out. I had fallen on it while up visiting my sis in Washington. While there I got good news and more good news. After the nurse took my blood pressure and temperature she wanted to weigh me. I happily got on their scale and nearly passed out when it read -4 from last weigh in. I was shocked! (but hold your applause about it because it wasn't accurate). Then I had to get undressed from the waist down since it was my hip that hurt. I nearly LOL when she acted like getting undressed from the waist down was a big deal. Little does she know that ALL my appts seem to involve nudity at this point! Then more good news from the dr my hip isn't broken but just a badly pulled muscle.

So back to how much I have lost: I went home only to find out that I really had only lost 3 pounds. :( Three pounds is great but I would LOVE to have lost that extra pound. This brings total weight loss to 10 pounds!

I have lost my first sack of potatoes and it feels amazingly good. I am very proud of myself.I also added a ticker at the bottom of the page to keep track of the weight loss.Thanks for all your support ladies.

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Kristen said...

Congrats on your first sack of potatoes! I hope your second sack comes off as easily as your first!!!!! Keep up the great work, Ariella!!!!