Wednesday, March 19, 2008

7 Holistic Steps for Fertility

Resolve had a confrence call where Cathy Lauer spoke about the 7 holistic steps for fertility and her website has a bunch of info on it.

This is a few general notes – she said that the most healing happens in the lower numbers of steps. There is no set time that you should spend in each step. Also, as you engage in the higher number steps, use the lower ones for support. A note on that though – when it gets to herbs, tonics, etc – she feels that when you’re going through a chemically managed cycle, you don’t want to mess with it. The doctors have you going through a certain protocol for a reason. That said, as far as the herbal infusions – she views those more as nourishment. If it’s part of our daily regime before starting meds, she personally wouldn’t stop doing it – it’s a personal decision though.

Ok, so the steps. She starts with 0, instead of 1, but I didn’t really catch why.
0 – DO NOTHING. This is where sleep and meditation fall. Unplug the clock/phone/email and take yourself off the calendar. This is important when you’re exhausted or overwhelmed. Extreme fatigue indicates a profound need to do nothing.

1 – GATHER INFORMATION regarding fertility (in general and your specific situation.) Use reference books (she mentioned TCOYF), support groups, online research, communication with your partner. This is also where low tech diagnosis falls (fertile mucus observation, BBT, OPK, SA, etc.) She really stressed here that as you gather information you need to keep in mind that you are working with the mystery of life. No one can guarantee pregnancy. Relieve yourself of expectation of guaranteed pregnancy. Life remains a mystery, even when it’s scientifically explained

2 – ENGAGE THE ENERGY. This includes couples counseling, individual therapy, visualization techniques, guided imagery, laughter, tears, prayer, reconnective healing, and flower essences.
Guided imagery – she really recommended recordings by Belle Ruth Naperstek. I believe they are called Health Journeys. It sounds like she has many options – relating to fertility or not.
She also recommended the Whole Person Fertility program by Niravi Payne (
Reconnective Healing – or a book by Eric Pearl.
Essences of flowers – you injest a few drops a day. She explained the different ones, and listed her favorites. In parentheses after each is where she suggested to buy them from. Watermelon (, Sweet Annie (Delta Gardens), Pomegranate (Fes)

3 – NOURISH AND TONIFY. Give your body what it needs to do the job it’s designed to do. This includes herbal infusion, life style changes, physical activities (yoga, exercise), love and rest. Remember that it takes your whole body to make a baby.
Herbal infusions – they are a strong tea. If you go to her website and then articles, you can read about each and how to make the tea. Her favorites are Oatstraw, Nettles, Red clover blossoms, and red raspberry leaf. You can alternate days or even blend them. Her favorite places to purchase them from are,, and
She also discussed chaste tree berry (vitex) for a bit, and pointed out that this is a tonic instead of a strengthening herb.
*There wasn’t much time left so she went quickly through the last ones.

4 - STIMULATE OR SEDATE. This is herbal remedies, acupuncture, alcohol (obviously she doesn’t recommend that.)

5a – USE SUPPLEMENTS. Vitamin E is especially important to fertility. If you get it from food it’s considered to be in step 3.

5b – USE DRUGS. This is where hormone medication falls.

6 – BREAK AND ENTER. This is where the more invasive procedures occur. Surgery, certain diagnostics, IVF, etc.

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Thank you for posting. I'm going to research the herbal teas and give it a try.