Thursday, March 27, 2008

I don't know how to feel

I am going to try to be as honest as I can bear today and the truth is I am torn and don't know how I feel or how I should feel about last night.

First of all she said with only 9 ovulatory cycles she said we could wait 3 more cycles to be deemed Infertile and then try or we should get the show on the road and try. Which isn't what she said at the meet and greet.

Second she said success for clomid/femara IUI is 12% and that clomid/femara + TI is 9% for their clinic. This seems low to me. She made sure to express that our clinic doesn't do "individualized success rates" so it goes by EVERYONE (no matter age or Dx) and that obviously given our age and Dx we would have a higher success rate.

Thirdly my ovaries and uterus look BEAUTIFUL! Even my lining was great! She did a follicle count (didn't realize this could be done at this point in my cycle but she did) and we found out my right is an under producer! Hmmmm. But my left looks good. She isn't worried because of my age and blood results.

So now we decide:
a) spend 1,000 dollars on an IUI with only 12% chance of working.
b) try on our own MORE
c) do what I have been told not to by all my nestie friends and take the clomid unmonitored and do TI (9% chance of working).

R and I didn't get a chance to really talk last night because I went out with friends and got drunk and played board games, and tonight we have my niece and nephew for the evening but sometime soon we will talk and decide. AF isn't here yet and she shows no sign of coming so that means we can take our time deciding what to do.


Christina said...

Gah, it's like trying to pick the lesser of three evils.

We will support you in whatever decision you make.

Oh, and I'm working on that seven question blog too.

Much love,

avalikelava said...

Hmn... so I can't speak for IUI and TI statistics, but to be honest, they don't surprise me too much.

The IVF stats of working are about 1/3 (per cycle), so even at 30% for the most invasive treatment the percentage seems bleak.

There was a database I saw once... Gosh I wish I can find it, where you can see the success rates for each clinic for different procedures... maybe it was ART. I'll have to look it up.

Our RE would never tell us what OUR chances were either. She would only ever talk in generalities. I found that stupendous for a research facility like Stanford, but it was what it was.

Lemme find that site for you.

avalikelava said...

Oh.. PS... I don't think you should wait another 3 cycles, so I'd take A or C... but that's me.

Personally, I think that as soon as an issue is discovered with an individual's reproductive cycle it should be treated, regardless if it's at month 1, 100, or before they start trying.
Doctors don't look at cancer cells saying "Gee, we should wait to see if it grows and becomes a problem before we do anything about it.". IF should be no different.

Ok, off my soap box and off to find you that site.

avalikelava said...

Grr! It was the ART website (, but it appears to only track stats up to 2005, and only for IFV + type procedures.

So sorry. Obviously I spoke to soon :(

Sasha said...

It is great news about your body, but other things could be going on. I agree with Ava, I don't think I'd wait for more cycles either. But I'm not sure I'd just jump into treatment either?? Something is going on, and I would want to try to get more information to get to the bottom of it. Is there any more testing or theories they have?

Some people are unexplained, but I would just want to make sure she had exhausted every diganosis before you started laying down $$. If you truly are unexplained, I might do option C, just to get the ball rolling and see how you respond.

I don't know anything about the stats, since we haven't got to the point of talking about treatment with our doctor. We will next week.

Anyway, good luck and hugs!