Thursday, April 3, 2008

Last night of Femara!

Tonight will be my last night of Femara and I am very excited for it to be over. The Femara has been giving me headaches, sometimes they are so bad I have to close my eyes. I dug out the sun glasses today so I could do errands with out feeling like some one was stabbing me between the eyes. If Femara truly has less side effects than Clomid then I am NOT doing the Clomid!

My mom is having surgery in a week, on the same day as my projected IUI date. This is less than thrilling news. My mom needs the surgery but the timing is poor. It took me a few days but I decided to not worry about it. Mom is finding a ride to and from without me and R will take care of me that day. If my IUI is in the am afterward I will go to the hospital and wait for my mom. Hopefully this goes well and we both have great success. I LOVE her Dr and he is great so I know she will be fine. He does thousands of these a year and my mom has had this exact procedure before and a procedure like it 4 times before so honestly she should be fine. But that doesn't keep me from being a little worried about it. I am trying to relax though.

My sis and her kids left town yesterday. I had a wonderful visit with them and I am sure in a few weeks will miss them but for now I am glad they are gone. I love the kids but my sis and I just don't get along. She wasn't bad this visit but I just can't relate to her at all. So different and yet we are sisters.

My pre-conception blood work came back negative and so did R's, Woooo hooooo! Now all he has to do is pick up the paperwork and fax it to the RE office so that we are all set for the IUI. I am glad everything came back in time. It does take a huge weight off my shoulders to know that it is all in.

Today I had a pap done through K.aiser. It went well and she ran some extra STD tests for fun. I told her as long as it gets covered I could care less what she wants to run! She laughed. She told me she can't wait to see me KU. We also talked about why I chose RSC over K.aiser. I think she understood that not getting calls back and a wait list of 6 months for IVF isn't acceptable. Consult wait was 2+ months and there are 2 nurses there for LOTS of patients.

I have to admit that I have questionedz my choice once or twice but over all I feel confidant in RSC. I am endlessly worried about missing my ovulation on Femara but my nurse said that I can come in early before a + OPK and get extra monitoring if I feel that strongly about it. I do and if no + OPK by cd14 we will be going in that day for a follicle check.

That is all my news for now. As for how I feel about all of it "cautiously optimistic" best suits me most of the time. But I have moments of euphoria like today while shopping and someone mentioned twins. Just the idea of getting KU with twins thrills me! Mom bought be yet another lamb for my collection and that made me happy. She can't wait to be a grandma again and I can see her excitement in her face. We are all rather excited about my IUI and can't wait to see how well I respond. I really hope we get two follicles for the IUI, and while I know R doesn't want three, I wouldn't mind three follicles, after all that would increase the chance of twins. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Thoughts will be with you and your mom for your upcoming procedures. Twins would be so awesome! Cautiously optimistic is a good way to be. ;o)

I'm glad you had a nice visit with your sister and her kids (or at least with the kids!).