Friday, February 22, 2008

HSG for the 'right price'

I got a call back today from our clinic and asked about who they recomind for the HSG. They said they had a place about 40 miles away but for 1/2 the price. I got the name and number and sure enough, they just ask for 500 cash! Cash is FINE by me! WooooHoooo for saving 550 dollars! They also said that once it and the S-HSG is done I should do my consult visit! So we are on schedual and moving right along.

I have been eating fairly well this week and staying right on track, however, yesterday I pulled a mucle doing a workout video. :( That means taking the exercise part easy this weekend.

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Kristen said...

Have you weighed yourself yet? I know you had said that you would have your check-ins on Friday. Just came to see! Keep up the great work. And congrats about getting a cheaper HSG! :-)