Sunday, February 24, 2008

a little good, a little bad and a prayer for someone else

I threw a house party on Saturday and it was so much fun. It was a big hit and while I broke the diet big time it was so worth it! Today I recovered from my hangover did somethings around the house and went over to clean my mom's house too. I stayed on the diet all day! I am so proud of myself for that becuse it is hard to go suger free when the day before you had a ton of it. Weigh in will be Monday and I am praying for at least a small loss.

AF had left yesterday but she decided to return today with a vengince again! GRRRRR My periods are normally short and it would be just my luck to have her hang on till Thursday forcing me to cancel the HSG. I don't think that will happen but I will be laughing if it does, because that would be just my luck! Again I doubt she will hang on that long.


Someone has been on my mind lately. Corrie adopted a beautiful boy in August after a 10 year battle with infertility. She is one of the best mothers I know and in December the bio father came back into the picture. They have indured a long court battle and I have yet to hear if it is done or not. I pray for Corrie daily becase she not only is a wonderful person but also a person who truely "gets it" when it came to adoption.

She knew that her greatist gift would also mean the lose of a child to another mother. Corrie also saved me from myself on a day when I thought I just couldn't do it anymore. Her strength perservenace and heart inspires me. She has never asked me to pray for her, only that I pray for what is best for her son. I of course have an opinion on what that means and I am sure she does too but her faith is so resound she gives it up to GOD to do what he sees fit. That astonishes me.

I often worry about inturding into her life, about asking for to much info from her. But tonight I ventered out and wrote her of my up comming HSG and for an update if she has one. I pray that when she gets back to me her news is good news. If you will pray with me that would be wonderful.

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