Friday, February 29, 2008


The sky out our bedroom window is a lilac purple color and the wispy clouds are yellow and pink against it. It is a beautiful way to end this day that only happens every four years. Although the weather here in Northern CA was beautiful it was also smoggy, and the weather wasn't the only thing full of contradictions. My HSG was good in so many ways. We arrived on time and calm as well as feed but we got lost on the way there. The part we got lost on was windy and it made me nauseous but it also lead us though a part of our area I rarely ever see, and this time of year with the trees and apple blossoms blooming it was just serene, peaceful and beautiful.

My HSG, at first, was easy. Inserting the catheter didn't hurt at all even though the DR had a hard time doing it. He said my cervix opening is small, which could be part of the reason we aren't pg yet. He had to have the nurse push down on my tummy while he inserted it to get it to go in. Still that didn't hurt at all. Then he blew up the balloon. WOOW! I would have jumped off the table in surprise had I not been expecting it. I had taken a Darvacet and a Soma in preparation for this but lying on the table I wish I had taken two of the Darvecet. With all the 'stuff' in me they made me scoot back under the machine that allows them to take pictures and then inserted the dye/contrast. That also was easy.

Now the cool part. I got to watch as the dye spilled out BOTH tubes. It would have been cooler if I could have actually been able to tell what I was looking at. I kept asking the nuse "so it is spilling?". I laided there in pain but also thrilled that they were open. Thrilled to have gotten off so easy when it came to having had HSP as a child.

After the procedure I was still in pain and even now 3 hours later I still hurt. I haven't ever heard of anyone hurting this long after the HSG so I asked some nesties about it. A few of them did have pain for a few days and it makes me feel better knowing I am not the only one. I will happily take this pain for the clear open tubes.

R was very stressed today. He was very un-helpful this morning but he totally made up for it this evening. He has been great and is cooking dinner tonight, even though he has no idea what he is doing. Mom called shortly after the HSG, I could hear the worry in her voice. I think she felt guilty if my tubes had been blocked like it was her fault. That is silly because NOTHING my parents or I could have done would have prevented the HSP.

I am now off to get more pain meds. I am just taking Advil tonight and I hope by morning I will need nothing.


momma mimi said...

That's great that everything looked good. Way to go! Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Busted said...

I'm sorry it hurt, but glad everything looked good. Sounds like a beautiful day too.

becoming-mom said...

I'm sorry yours was so uncomfortable! I got lucky and my radiologist was soooo gentle It didn't feel any different than a pap smear. I think the anticipation almost killed me though I was so stressed about it. Its nice to have it behind you though isn't it?

Yay for clear tubes!

ggop said...

Came over from Ann's. My radiologist was gentle too, but I had cramps for hours later. So everyone has a different experience!

ggop said...

Good results though!

Who Needs Patience? said...

I am so glad you got good results! sorry it hurt though, mine did too! I responded to you on the nest, i was sore and uncomfy for a few days after mine! Hopefully you are feeling better by now! :)

That's~Mrs.Stephanie said...

What a relief to have a clear HSG test. I hope that it is one step closer to obtaining your miracle.