Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I am still having drama with insurance, and may have to end up canceling our HSG this cycle. If I do then Friday I will be crying all day. Here is the issue:

We have Kaiser for insurance and NOTHING is covered under IF. I have been able to "sneak" things in such as the SA and blood work under insurance but we knew the HSG would be out of pocket. My OB went ahead and told me to get the HSG. They wrote the scrip into the computer and told me to call Kaiser's radiology for the appt. Well all of you know from pp that Kaiser wanted to rip us a new one and charge DOUBLE the going price of an HSG. So I made an appt with an outside Kaiser radiology department. They said I would need to bring in a copy of the script for the HSG for the appt.

However Kaiser doesn't normally do written scripts so I didn't have a copy of the original. After three calls to the OB I found out since I am not going to a Kaiser RE and I want someone else (ie not Kaiser) to perform the HSG the OB who was on call won't write me one. So I have put in another call to MY OB and pray he is on call in the next two days to see if he will write me the script. He is normally really good about things like this so I am praying he will do this for me.

I should hear back by tomorrow night about the HSG. I am praying for good news but expecting the worst. After all it is Kaiser. For you non-Kaiser people THIS is why they are the most hated insurance company on earth!


avalikelava said...

Woa, woa, woa! Kaiser can't charge you double their regular fee just 'cuz they don't like how something is done. That just doesn't sound right.

Does that mean the cost went back to 1050 for the procedure? Or are they trying to double THAT?

Ugh... I hate insurance companies!!!

What can I do? How can I help?

littlemonkey said...

Have you signed up at kp.org and gotten on email?!? My doc writes back within a few hours (they say give it up to 48 to allow for days off).

LAME that they won't write you a new script! GL, fingers and toes crossed for you!

(also, I work for a non-Kaiser health care facility, and we recieve referrals from Kaiser often, so I know it can be done!)

Anonymous said...

have you tried email to contact your own doc? I know my doc (through Kaiser) responds within 48 hrs.

Keeping my fingers crossed you can get it done this cycle!

MidWestWife said...

So sorry to hear about your insurance drama... I thank God everyday for our insurance, we are so blessed to have good insurance.

Good luck trying to get it all sorted out and I hope you can have the procedure. If you have any ? about the HSG, I had one done recently...

Thanks for the comment, too!