Wednesday, February 20, 2008


AF isn't here yet. :( That makes me angry.....

I know that is wierd to say but after I test BFN I really just want AF to show. After all, if I am not pg then we might as well move onto the next cycle, right? This week I want AF to show up extra badly. Because not only was late cycle awful having to wait so long for her to show but now this cycle I need the HSG and S-HSG on anywhere between cd9-11. Also I am throwing a party this weekend and I don't want to be cramping while trying to be a good hostiest. Plus I can't drink on Soma, which I sometimes need to just function when my cramps get bad. So PLEASE if AF is visiting you send her my way before this weekend.

In diet news I am doing okay. I am hungry right now and after I blog I am getting myself a snack. The first week of the diet is always the hard part for me. I want suger, I crave it and weaning my body off it is hard phisicly and emotionaly. At least tonight for dinner we are having tri-tip with artichokes, glazed onions and green beans. Yummy. My mom will be joining us for dinner too so I will be here to keep her on task too. She already told me she has cheated but I know that as hard as this is for me it is 50 times harder to her. At least we have each other to keep us honest, and quite frankly as long as she keeps the ice cream out of her house I know she will lose weight.


Anonymous said...

I really hope it happens for you soon! I don't think writing a blog about not succeeding will help though. You have much more of a chance if you just forget about it and relax - I know how hard that is, and writing probably makes you feel that you are actually "doing" something about it, but this way you are just analysing and obsessing all the time. I wish you every luck, you deserve it!

Amandalyn717 said...

Sorry about AF...that is always the worst!! Hopefully she comes soon or stays away for 9 long months!! I know the wait is killer!

Happy Thursday and have a great party!!