Thursday, February 21, 2008

good and bad news

A bit of good and a bit of bad news today. Af came today! And that is the good news. So I called to get the HSG scheduled and what do you know they are booked! I literally cried on the phone to the appt nurse. She told me "but we have one for X-day (insert date that makes it cd15)." And I had to tell her that is 4 days to late because it HAS to be done cd 9-11. She told me "well how about next month" and I burst into sobs again. I get really emotional at this time of the month can you tell? The receptionist was very nice though, she took pity on me and called around for me. There is ONE appt left for cd9 at a different place and she had them hold that spot for me. This clinic is about 17 miles from home instead of 5 but who the hell cares!

Then my devastating news came. Kaiser charges 1,050 dollars for the HSG! I nearly started crying again, I was in shock. I had heard it was costly but most people's cost them 600-800 dollars, many even less than that. I called R and he told me without dipping into the house/make a baby fund we couldn't do it so we would simply dip into that fund. I cried buckets more tears wishing this could be easy. Wishing for some end to this and then told him "fine".

So it is settled will take 1,050 out of our "down payment/baby" fund and use it for the HSG. I am also going to call the RE clinic we are going to use and see what happens if I do it through them or their lab. The worst they can say is it would be more and I simply keep my appt with Kaiser. Best case is that it costs WAY less with them and we wait one more month and do it through them, either way I will survive.

Thank you for all of you who responded to the rude 'anonymous' comment left on my blog. You did a much better job explaining everything than I did.


avalikelava said...

You know... that happened to me too? I called the clinic and they were booked. I just about lost it. You can't call until your period, and yet when it arrives you need an appt. 9 days ahead.
Like you the appt manager took pity on me and found another lab that could do the test.

Now... in terms of the fee. Given the fact that this is a diagnostic test (and not IF treatment YET), and it was referred by your physician, would Kaiser not cover any element of it?
Call them... and nag them... repeatedly!!!!

If you are under your DH's policy, find out who the Kaiser rep that represents his company is. That may take some time, but trust me it will be worth it in the end -- it's the only way we got anywhere with Aetna.

Good luck. This is exciting.

Oh... and about time AF showed up ;p

Who Needs Patience? said...

That sucks, I am sorry you had such a crappy day. I hope everything works out and all this crap ends soon! Hang in there!

Busted said...

It sucks how when you're going through such a hard time already, nothing is ever easy. Best of luck though!