Wednesday, May 21, 2008


For all you in the trenches of IF PLEASE skip this post. Baby is fine.

First of all let me startout with the fact that I am thrilled to have morning sickness that is strong enough to put me at ease but doens't make me misrable. However today I feel like crap because of it. Other things that are making me misrable: One I am h.orny. Yes I know I am talking about se.x but no one ever told me this and it is really pissing me off. I am h.orny but to paranoid to do anything about it. It isn't fun. Two: I feel like crap. Combine the nausa with the tiredness and you have one cranky girl on your hands. Three: I am scared as hell about Friday. Friday is my next u/s and I am freaking out already. I just want to wake up in the am and have it be Friday. Please can we just skip Thursday?

Okay so that is it. Enough complining. I am beyond graitful to the universe for being at this point in my life and to be exspecting. I can't wait till Friday so we can see our baby again.


hopefaithlove said...

Keep us updated on the u/s

Anonymous said...

It's okay to be cranky, life hasn't been easy on you this far. Sometimes we just need to whine and get it out. Friday will be here in no time at all.

-Row said...

I so wish you could skip today and tomorrow would be here already! I'm hoping the u/s shows a fabulous update!! Good luck!