Friday, May 16, 2008

7 weeks

It’s my BIRTHDAY! Today I turned 26 years old, a “young mom-to-be” by many standards but not THAT young. As a teen my life plan was to get married at 24, or 25 have baby A at 26 and baby B a 28 and a possible third at 30 or 31. Well so far life seems to be shaping up according to the original plan which after a year and half of infertility is nice.

My gifts are all still here. My boobs are large enough now that friends in the know have noticed their growth. They are also sore and on Tuesday and Wednesday they were killing me, Thursday they didn’t hurt almost at all which sent me into panic but my nausea was there ALL DAY instead of normally coming in waves, so I calmed down again. I developed the gifts of clumsiness this week and have bruises to prove it. And my pg brain showed up when I was unable to follow directions on how to get to my first K.aiser prenatal appointment, those who know me IRL will know I have excellent navigation skills so that was very unlike me.

On Wednesday we had our first reallyhot day here in CA and I didn't drink enough water. I got really dehydrated and felt faintish. I felt better once I had three glasses of cold water but it still freaked me out. Then Thursday my allergies acted way up. I can't take anything for them for fear of hurting the baby, well then that night I had my first ashma attack in almost a year. CRAP. I got through it and didn't take my meds but still CRAP. Looks like I need to talk to my Dr before my allergies and asthma put me in the ER one of these days.

This week the baby is the size of a blueberry! Ya, something I can eat! This week begins baby’s growth spurt she is growing from 4mm to as big as ½ an inch this week alone! She is growing leg buds and the buds that are going to be her arms are now divided into sections for the arms and hands. Her brain is subdividing and continuing to grow. The left and right chambers of the heart are also beginning to form.


~Jess said...


What wonderful "gifts" you have received! Enjoy them!

momma mimi said...

Happy birthday Ariel! Hope you have a wonderful day.

Jenny said...

Hey there Ariel! Happy B-day honey!

Oh yeah benadryl is to take for pregnancy. My RE gave me list and that is what Im taking for my allergies now. Becareful with you asthma missy!

Lisa said...

Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I'm so happy for you. And happy 7 week birthday to your little blueberry!

I responded to your PM on the nest but I have no idea how to get back there, so if you want to talk further just e-mail me.

Alison said...

Happy Birthday Mama!!!

Tina623 said...

Happy Birthday! My asthma acted up during the first trimester a lot. It's okay to use your fast acting inhalor because they said your baby needs the oxygen and if you're not breathing correctly, the baby isn't getting enough oxygen. Def talk to your dr asap about the asthma thing.

Diana said...

Happy birthday!!!!!

BTW, my athsma kicked up at the very beginning and my doctor refilled my prescription. It doesn't do you or baby any good for you to not be breathing!

Jamers125 said...

Aw man! I knew it was coming, but didn't know the date and I missed it! See what happens when I don't keep up online? I would've told you Happy Birthday on Saturday if I'd known! Hope you had a happy one. :o)