Friday, May 2, 2008

6 weeks! hahah I ment 5!!!

Today baby is the size of an apple seed, which seems small until I realize a week ago she was a poppy seed. Her brain is beginning to develop and spine. It is very important I take my folic acid and my Omega 3s now since those aid in proper development.

R and I are both still in shock about actually being pg. We have know for a week but still I wake up every morning and think "holy shit I am pg!". My brain barely comprehends that I am knocked up the reality that this means motherhood and a baby in our house is even more shocking to my mental status. I just didn't think this day was coming this fast. YES I know how ridicules that sounds but I had really tried to prepare myself for the worst, needing IVF or having to adopt or even live childless. I just didn't let myself get to thinking about it working on the first IUI. Of course I am thrilled that it did. I am beyond thrilled and excited but still in shock.

I had my first acupuncture as a pg lady this week, which was kind of weird because I didn't actually have acupuncture during it. Instead we did cupping and motsa to help with my back pain (not IF related) and my allergies. It was very relaxing although I don't know how well it worked because my back doesn't really bother me all that much most days. The Dr wanted to do something for the nausea but I begged him not to. He seemed confused and I told him "right now it is the only thing telling me the baby is okay". He still seemed confused but he didn't press the issue. It was very cool getting to tell the acupuncture place I was knocked up! I really wanted to run into MR Doom and Gloom, just to rub it in, but he wasn't there tonight.

Truth be told I do have another symptom: boobs, they hurt and they look fuller, not by a ton only a little. And they look more veiny. My favorite lace bra is the only one that is fitting differently so far. The pain is only when they aren't supported or if they are being handled, otherwise they don't bother me. R hasn’t said anything about them yet. I wonder if/when he will notice?

Thursday morning I sneezed really hard and it started some bad cramps but 2pm I had to call my RE nurse who told me to go ahead and lay down. I did and what do you know? They just about stopped! Of course then I was worried because my nausea was gone that afternoon. I have just about convinced myself that it is because I did such a good job keeping hydrated yesterday and keeping food in my body. The key seemed to be keeping lots of protein in me and tea. But the lack of nausea last night made me a little paranoid after the cramps. I am going to try and push it out of my mind though. It helps that I woke up nauseous today.

Repeat to self: I am pg, my baby is fine and growing. I am a healthy happy pg lady.

We still haven't told anyone else about our news. We are both dying to but I really can't tell my sis yet and DH's parents can't hold a secret so they are out too. It sucks holding this in but at least I can talk openly about it here. I really want to tell R's ex-step dad, Pop, (did you get that) but R doesn't want to tell anyone else before his mom. I get this and honestly I would be 100% okay with telling her now. BUT when BIL got engaged she told me "I don't care if it is a secret, my boys should know not to tell me something they don't want the world to know". Thankfully R heard her say this and he as been as admit as I have been about NOT wanting the world to know. Actually I don't mind the world knowing but we need to tell R's dad, our grandparents and our siblings BEFORE the world and I don't want them to know till I am 12 weeks. So for now no one else knows.


Alison said...


Tina623 said...

It's a hard secret to keep but time will fly. I remember how mad my coworkers were at me when they found that I was 13 weeks pregnant and had seen them everyday for those weeks and never said anything lol. I loved it. I did tell my family at 9 weeks though. Best Wishes and I'm so happy everything is going great.

That's~Mrs.Stephanie said...

I am so happy your now getting slowely used to being preggo. I'm glad you are doihg acupuncture and eating right, making your healthy baby grow.

~Jess said...

I just wanted to let you know, again, how happy I am for you. I'm glad you're getting used to the idea of being pregnant: Guess what? This'll be your first mother's day :-)

Diana said...

So glad we get to know!!!!

shawna said...

I am so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing that the baby is so small. I think I would be the same way if I were pregnant-just waking up every day with total shock that it's real. Congratulations again. You're in for one hell of a ride!

Amy (MyColonyNJ) said...


I knew it - I just knew it!!!! I am so excited for you. I just knew the one you took was a bad test.

I am just getting back to day from my 10 day vacation and was thinking about you all the time.

I could not wait to get home just to check your blog.

Congrats!!!!! I knew this was it for you!!!

Tiffani said...

We can be friggin sick together!! Blahhhh!! M/S is a pain in the a$$!

You will see such a huge difference from 6 weeks to 8 weeks - on ultrasound that is. At 6 weeks, it was just a little sliver in a bean, at 8 weeks, there was a body, head and nubs!! Amazing.

Sasha & Mark said...

I wish you had seen Mr Doom & Gloom and puked all over him-- opps! I have nausea b/c I'm PG a$$clown!

Anyway, I wouldn't want them to get rid of any symptoms either. Savor every minute.