Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It is CD 12 ALREADY!

It is CD 12 and still no positive OPK and no temp spike so those are good things. I do feel my ovaries at different times in the day. My left one ached mid day and then tonight my right one ached. I haven't ever felt 'pain' like that before. It was new, exciting and worrisome all at the same time. Worrisome because I do worry about missing ovulation. HOWEVER that seems doubtful to my nurse and I trust my clinic. Really I do. Stop laughing I DO trust them, I just like confirmation from the t-ttc board that I should trust them! ;O

If no positive OPK then my u/s will be Thursday. My mom wanted to know if since Ryon has to work she could come. I am sure that is weird to many of you but we are insanely close and I have NO modesty so I said yes. After all, nothing I have she doesn't have! It will be nice to not have to go alone since I am such a worrier.

On Friday about 24 hours after my last Femara dose something happened that at first I wasn't sure I wanted to share in an open forum but if this is going to be an honest place for me I am going to need to share. Friday, I got sloppy, pass out drunk from ONE drink. I am an easy buzz, and I get drunk rather fast too but NOT from one drink. I am sure it has to do with the meds. So please take this as a warning if you are doing or going to do Femara. DON'T drink on it!

This brings my s/e count for Femara to two: headaches and.... well what should we call it?...... easy drunkenness.


Lisa said...

I don't think taking your mother is odd at all. When we thought Glenn wasn't going to be able to come to my last ET, my mom was his backup.

Amy (MyColonyNJ) said...

Wow, cd 12 already??? That went FAST!!!!

I think it is cool that you want your mom there - the only reason why my mom did not go to any of my u/s is because she lives about 1 1/2 away with traffic.

I hope the 1st time is a charm for you guys!

Christina said...

Just wanted to pop in and see how things were going for you.

Also, I finally responded to your tag, so go take a look.

Crossing my fingers for you this cycle.

Busted said...

Easy drunkenness isn't too bad a side effect!

(P.S. - appears you've got some comment spam - you might want to enable word verification).

becoming-mom said...

It's called "cheap date" syndrome! ;)

I didn't notice that side effect on clomid or Gonal F, but then again I've always been a cheap date.

Good luck with this cycle!

Maryann said...

Why not?! Bring your mom. If my mom wanted to come with me to an RE visit I would definitely take her. I doubt you'll miss ovulation. Good luck to you! I hope it's all you need.

Sasha said...

I would take my mom, if DH couldn't be someplace. My stepfather took me to my hysteroscopic surgery a year ago! (DH was sick) THAT was strange-- LOL!

Maria (MKC101103) said...

LOL you're such a cheap date :D

My Mom has been with me for many u/s and also my hysteroscopy. My DH can't always be there and I'd rather her with me than be alone. Oh, and she also came to one of my ET's and she just thought it was so fascinating.

That's~Mrs.Stephanie said...

Wow, time flies. I really hope the appointment today went positive.