Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Buying a Mother's Day Card in the 2ww

The wait is KILLING me. I have no patience at all for things like this and I am DYING to test. I keep thinking in 48 hours we will know. 48 hours 48 hours 48 hours! Could time really go any slower?

In other news I have tried getting my mom a card for Mother's Day 3 times so far. Each time I begin reading and then start to cry. Mother's day cards make me cry every year. She means so much to me and I am so lucky to have a woman like her as my mom. She is not just my mom but a best friend too. I don't think many people have relationships like ours.

This mother's day I need a card that they don't make. It needs to read: Thanks for holding my hand through my journey to motherhood. Thanks for buying me my drugs, for offering to help if we need IVF, and for caring so much about how and when I become a mother." But they don't make cards like that. WHY?

If 1/8 couples go through IF then why not make a Mother's day card that mentions IF? When I finally reach that destination of motherhood will R be able to find me a card that says "YOU MADE IT! And what a wonderful mother you are!"? Maybe, but not at the grocery store.

As for my search for a MOM's card I have given up till next weekend. I will either be PG by then or will have become a little bit more okay with not being pg. Either way I hope it makes card shopping easier.


Lisa said...

Lovely tribute to your mom! Buy a blank card and write that in it! It will mean more than any other message!!

~Jess said...

I second that...just get her a nice card and include a handwritten letter to her. I know my mom would love that over a card.

Isn't it amazing though that something as easy as picking up a card can be so hard to find the "right" one. DAMN YOU IF!


Sasha said...

I love my mom so much too! She is one of the reasons I wanted to move back to NC.

GL finding a great card soon!

That's~Mrs.Stephanie said...

I know just what you mean - about your mom. My mom has been all I've ever had and my best friend in the whole world, she means the world to me.
I also am one of the most impatient people out there, 48 more hours....
I agree with all- maybe a blank one for filling it with your own feelings would be more meaningful to your very special mom.

Anonymous said...

I was going to suggest you get a blank one as well, but 4 other people beat me to it!

48 hours seems so long. I'm praying for you, I hope that's okay.


Amy (MyColonyNJ) said...

I agree with a handwritten card.

I wanted to wish you luck for beta day.

I will be away but wanted you to know that I will be thinking about you

Maryann said...

Since everyone else gave you great advice....I just wanted to wish you luck with your beta.