Thursday, April 10, 2008


Today was u/s monitoring day! It went well, very well in fact. My mom came with in case I needed to be drove home because I knew if it was bad news I wouldn't be able to drive. I also though given her background in since she would find it rather cool to see my insides, I know I find it cool.

We arrive on time and I am trying to stay calm. I was nervous because I didn't surge on my own today like they wanted me too, but I NEVER get + opks so this didn't surprise me. Normally if buy cd 14 you don't get a +opk then you come in the next day. However I wanted to come in early. My GUT said come in on cd 14, R and I knew that this could mean we would need extra monitoring on Saturday but we decided it was worth that chance.

Well my gut was right! I was very thankful to have come in early, because while tomorrow would have been fine, today was perfect timing according to the u/s tech. My lining today was wonderful. I had been praying for anything between 8 and 9 and honestly anything above 7 would be fine but I really wanted my body to give this the most shot at working, so we really wanted an 8 AND we got it! 8.2 to be exact. She said if she had taken more measurements i could have been as high as 8.5 so I feel great about it! I did a little happy dance on the table and told my uterus "Good job".

As for why this cycle my lining has looked this good. I give 100% credit to my new diet. Honestly all that spinach and high green diet has shown to improve linings and I am a full believe after today! Who knew the South Beach diet would help this much?

Now to my follicles, this made me nervous. On my last u/s at the beginning of seeing this Dr she said one ovary only had four unmature follicles that she could see. Given my age 25 (at least of another month) and my FSH (normal) she should have seen 7 or even 8. She said sometimes that just happens and other times it tells us something. However she said what mattered most was how I responded. Well I have been having 'pain' and a fullness sensation for three days now. I have 2 mature follicles a 21.9 and a 17.6 then trailing behind I have a 15.2, a 14.9 and lastly a 14.2. The last two won't mature in time and the 15.2 has a 50% chance of being mature by ovulation. Either way R decided two days ago that he was okay with triggering with 3 follicles and so I said "LETs DO THIS!"

We turned off the u/s and I was given a print out of my response for my records. Igot dressed and my nurse came in to give me the trigger shot. As soon as she came in I freaked. Have I mentioned I am scared of needles? Oh yes, that is right I have. I didn't want to see the shot and I didn't but when she told me it went into my belly I freaked out.

How in the hell did I miss the fact that a trigger shot is given in the abdomen??? Seriously!?! How did I miss that?

I did let her give it to me and I wasn't too much of a baby. My mom said I did fine but I have to admit I wanted to cry. It pinched going in and out but didn't burn like she said it might. Over all it was fine, physically it was easy, emotionally it was hard but I think that is normal given my extreme fear of those things.

Now I wait. Tomorrow I have my IUI at 9:30 am. R has to go in early at 7 am to give his 'deposit'. I am a little bummed. Our normal office is booked so we have to go to the one further away. It's only 20minutes further but in the am that 20 minutes extra is really 35 wich means R will have to produce his 'deposit' at the office rather than at home. I have yet to tell him this. I know it isn't a HUGE deal but I am afraid for R it is a big deal. He would much rather do it at home than in the lab. It will be okay though.

I have done a TON of research about this whole proccess and things that increase your chances. I don't want to mess with my life too much but I have read a study I want to share with all of you. It has to do with hot vs cold food in the 2ww. The results from the study aren't conclusive but preliminary results showed that IVF patients who ate warm foods in the 2ww, such as soups, tea, and such had higher success rates than those who preferred to drink cold or cool things in the 2ww.

So on top of my pineapple that I will eat starting tomorrow, and all the green foods I will also be eating more warm foods. I have already taken out of the fridge my caffeine free cola and also went and bought some tea to have because I don't like warm water. I am hoping this all helps, time will tell.

PS Mom did like being there and thought the whole thing was very cool. It was good bonding time for us and I am very glad she came with.


That's~Mrs.Stephanie said...

Tomorrow, wow, I am so happy, and hoping it will prove to be a huge sucess. I will e-mail ya to check in, if that is okay? I really hope that this IUI will be the one or two (for twins!!!).
Good luck sweetie!

Alison said...

Awesome Ariel! I'll be thinking about you!!

avalikelava said...

YES!!!!! 8.2mm lining is great. The diet, the acupuncture, everything you've been doing is paying off.

2 follicles is also great for where you are.

Oh, and did I mention how proud I am of you for the belly shot? The first one is always the worst and it sounds like you did great!

This is exciting. Can't wait until tomorrow!

Rachel said...

Sending you lots of positive thoughts! (2bearichards)

Diana said...

Good luck on your IUI tomorrow!!! Don't feel bad for R, you have to do your part in the office too! :)

About the warm foods, my acupuncturist was all about warm foods. I was not to eat/drink anything cold, especially drinks with ice in them. She also insisted my feet always be kept warm as they are a direct link to the uterus in Eastern medicine. I also cut out about 95% of my dairy. If you want to learn more about all this I HIGHLY recommend the book The Infertility Cure. It's got some real good stuff in it.

Oh and I did the pineapple too! :) Good luck! I hope to see you post your BFP in 2 weeks!

Josh Ziegenhirt said...

What a great day! Way to take the shot like a trouper too. Good luck tomorrow, I'll be sending more good thoughts your way.


Anonymous said...

Yay Ariel! I am so excited for you! I will be thinking good thoughts for you! Holly

love22 said...

I am so happy that everything is looking good. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck tomorrow!!! WOO HOO!! I will be thinking about you!!

Amy (MyColonyNJ) said...

Holy cow - IUI here you come!

Good luck tomorrow!!!!!

Maria (MKC101103) said...

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!

littlemonkey said...

YAY! Good Luck! Plenty of postive thoughts being sent your way :)