Saturday, April 12, 2008

Wanna do me a Favor?

If you see me, here, on the board or IRL send me: Implantation dust or vibes. I am 4dpo and implantation should be happening anytime now. Thank you.

A little about Beta Day:

As many of you know Beta day is the 25th of this month. R and I have talked about all the kinds of ways we could get this news and how we want to share the (hopefully) great news. So we have decided that I will let the call go to voice mail and then together that night we will get the news. My cell has a speaker and we will use it to get this wonderful news.

However we ask that all of you NOT call, NOT email, NOT page me on thenest and let me tell you guys the news. Because, god forbid, it isn't good news we are going to need time to greive and I will want to be left alone. Does everyone understand? .............. Okay good!


Lisa said...

Wow, it takes a lot of strength to let that call go to voicemail!! Good luck!!

Maria (MKC101103) said...

Yes ma'am :D

Busted said...

Totally understand! I will be thinking of you though.